Divorce Lawyer in Auckland

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Martelli McKegg's lawyers provide personal, professional and practical legal advice in the sensitive area of relationship  property, separation and divorce Law.

Family matters are among the most important in your life. When legal situations place undue stress on your life and family, the right lawyer can effectively address your family law situation.

When entering or exiting a relationship, ask us for expert legal advice about structuring your personal, trust, business and company affairs. We can draft relationship property agreements for any stage of your relationship, from defacto to pre-nuptial and separation agreements.

If your relationship breaks down, we can also arrange for specialist counsel to help you with child custody arrangements, spousal maintenance and child support.

At Martelli McKegg in Auckland our focus is on working amicably with all affected parties in any relationship matter. We aim to resolve relationship property disputes through negotiation and mediation first. If court proceedings become necessary, we have the court experience to advocate for you.

We can help you in all areas related to New Zealand family  and relationship law, including:

  • Advice on issues related to the Property ( Relationships) Act 1976
  • Relationship Property agreements  (matrimonial or de facto) agreements
  • Family property sharing agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Alternative dispute resolution,mediation and Court proceedings
  • Disputes over Wills

Contact: Tara Hurley Tel: 09 300 7604

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Divorce Lawyer in Auckland


Divorce Lawyer


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In practice serving the Auckland area, our family Law Firm handles a full range of family law matters, from divorce and property settlement to support, child custody, domestic violence and more.

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Martelli McKegg are experienced bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers in Auckland providing expert legal advice for New Zealand and International clients

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Martelli McKegg, providing expert legal advice in all aspects of Employment Law. Providing legal services and advice to Employers and Employees

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